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Fill the form below if you would like to know how you can: 

      - save on cost per shirt
      - drastically increase your quality

How can we be sure?

To this day, most of the dropship solutions consist of printing single shirts upon sale using a Print-On-Demand printer called DTG (Direct to Garment) printers. However this technology hasn't come close to the print speed or quality that Screen Printing has been able to produce to date. 
     DTG printing has been a great solution for people first starting due to it single shirt printing capabilities, and offering warehousing for their clients.
      But if you already have a dedicated client base, YOU COULD BE LOOSING MONEY by not going the route of screen printed shirts. Luckily, we now offer warehousing and drop shipping for you to benefit from the quality and cost efficiency of screen printing.

Are you already selling apperal online?
If so, have you been happy with the print quality?
How are you selling?
How important is extra print location to you? (example: inner neck tag, sleeve, back, etc)
How happy are you with your current cost per shirt?
Are your clients generated by your print providers webstore, or your own soure of traffic?

Would you like to discuss the advantages of our program and how to get started? 
Pick a day and time for us to schedule a meeting. 

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