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 O n   t h e   m i s s i o n    t o   b a n   l e g a l    I v o r y   t r a d e

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          Back in 1989, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) implemented a worldwide ban on the ivory trade. However, even with this ban in place, some countries, such as Japan, still allow legal ivory trade to persist, and the illegal black market continues to thrive, conducting its business at a rapid pace.       


          In collaboration with the World Elephant Day Foundation, we wish  to raise funds with the tools at our disposal with the goal to combat Ivory trade and to protect elephant habitats.


All it takes is one shirt to support the foundation!


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          Back in August 12, 2012, the first-ever World Elephant Day was initiated with the aim of raising awareness about the critical situation faced by Asian and African elephants. These majestic creatures hold a special place in the hearts of people and various cultures globally, but unfortunately, their existence is now in serious jeopardy, and we stand on the verge of losing them forever.

          A multitude of threats, including poaching, habitat loss, human-elephant conflict, and mistreatment in captivity, pose grave dangers to both African and Asian elephants. To address these issues, numerous elephant conservation organizations are committed to safeguarding wild elephants, implementing stricter enforcement against illegal ivory poaching and trade, conserving elephant habitats, advocating better treatment for captive elephants, and facilitating the reintroduction of captive elephants into natural, protected sanctuaries.

          World Elephant Day urges everyone to interact with elephants in non-exploitative and sustainable environments, ensuring they can flourish under compassionate care and protection. On August 12, World Elephant Day, it encourages people to express their concerns, share knowledge, and support initiatives that enhance the well-being of captive and wild elephants alike.

By supporting World Elephant Day, we can collectively raise our voices in defense of these magnificent creatures, striving to secure a brighter future for elephants across the globe.

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